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Image by Christiane S Hartl

Frogs are fascinating native Australian amphibians.  Not only are they gorgeous with their permanent smiles on their faces, they are a welcome addition to any garden, as they consume mosquitos and flies.  

If you would like to attract frogs to your backyard, here are some tips on making your garden frog friendly:

Choose a quiet spot in your yard away from domestic animals.  The area should have sun, shade and a wet area.  This means you will probably have to incorporate a pond. This need not be expensive.  You can recycle materials such as buckets, plant pots, sand pits or purchase one second-hand.  Dig your pond into the ground and add water.

It is important to have a well-balanced ecosystem which means ensuring you have vegetation and animals working together to maintain a healthy environment.  Your pond will thrive if you add frog-friendly fish who don’t feed on eggs and tadpoles. Your local pet store should be able to assist with this.

Various water plants will provide tadpoles with a place to shelter, as well as keeping your water clean and well oxygenated.  

Native plants and a solar light around your pond will attract insects for your frogs to eat, as well as providing the frogs with somewhere to shelter from the sun and potential predators. 

If you have a compost bin, consider relocating it near your frog pond.  This will supply your frogs with a constant supply of bugs!

You could even incorporate a frog hotel into your garden. Frog hotels are designed for tree frogs which can easily climb through pipes.  To build a frog hotel, just cut some pvc pipes into different lengths, then sand the rough edges at both ends. Arrange the pipes in a pot plant or small pond.  Ensure there is adequate gravel or river rocks surrounding them to hold them in place, then add water.  You'll having frogs in no time!

Avoid using chemicals in your garden. Due to their thin, delicate skin, frogs are very susceptible to illness.
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