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Make your backyard wildlife friendly by using the following tips:

  • Avoid using pesticides in your garden – instead, gather the family and make a day of weeding the garden!


  • Plant native trees and plants in your backyard.  These will provide wildlife with housing and shelter.  Always make sure they are clear of power lines.

  • Never use barbed wire fencing.  Instead, use wildlife friendly netting and fencing, and ensure you leave a gap underneath to allow wildlife safe passage in and out of your property.

  • Many animal species are nocturnal, therefore it is important to keep domestic animals inside at night, and if you are lucky enough to spot wild animals, admire them from a distance.

  • Always put your rubbish in a bin with a lid.  Animals often get tangled in or ingest rubbish, putting their lives at risk. Never throw food scraps out of your car, as this can entice animals to the roadside, putting them at risk of getting hit by a vehicle.​

Image by GreenForce Staffing
Keep a box lined with an old towel in your car in case you come across injured wildlife while out and about
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