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Jesse ~ Stimson's Python

Jesse hatched in December 2010. She is an extremely placid snake and enjoys leaving her enclosure to investigate new smells and textures.  She is nocturnal and spends most of the day curled up inside a hollow log.  Because of her small size she is the perfect snake for little people to get up close and personal with.

These pythons are not particularly active and are renowned for spending a great deal of time in logs and rock crevices.  Their gorgeous pattern and colouration makes them very difficult to find if they don’t want to be.  They are a small, non-venomous Australian beauty.


Riki & Lever ~ Saltwater Crocodiles

Meet the newest members of our family. Enjoying cuddles during the day, they certainly come alive in the evening with their salty personalities. Riki’s stunning gold colouration is a stand out feature, while Lever boasts more ‘traditional’ croc colours with his tetris-like pattern. 


These gorgeous reptiles inhabit coastal rivers and creeks in the northern regions of Australia. With their eyes on top of their head, they are able to see above the water line while remaining hidden, making them excellent predators.

Bearded Dragons.jpg

Rango, Rain & Wrinkles 

~ Pygmy Bearded Dragons

They might just be the most adorable little lizards you will ever see!  These little cuties are the best of friends and are the perfect lizard for children.  They love nothing more than to sit on your shoulder and wander around.  One of their favourite foods is meal worms, which they enjoy being hand fed.


Bearded dragons are a very social lizard and are often found in small groups. They have been observed head-bobbing and hand-waving, as well as stacking on top of one another to gain the warmest basking spot.  When threatened, they will puff out their beard in an attempt to intimidate a predator, but they are just far too cute to look scary!


Hector & Koda ~ Shingleback Skinks

Hector and Koda are the best of buddies! After taking a little while to warm to one another, they are now inseparable! Their relationship is amazing to watch, especially when they snuggle up together.  They are usually very calm and slow, except when food is involved – then they really pick up speed! They like redecorating their enclosure by dragging whatever they can fit into their hide log.  

Shinglebacks are predominantly found in dry, open woodland habitats.  A relative of the Blue Tongue, they will hiss and reveal their blue tongue to deter predators.  This, along with their ability to confuse predators with their tail that looks like a head, allow them to survive in the wild.  One of the few reptiles who give birth to live young, they really are amazing.


Fred & Friends ~ Dainty Tree Frogs

These frogs really are dainty, only reaching 3-4cm. Their gorgeous green and yellow colouration ensures they are well camouflaged through the day, however, at night, they really come to life.  They can move at lightning speed as they leap from branch to branch, catching bugs while they call out to one another, bringing new meaning to the word nocturnal!  

These amphibians are found in rainforest environments, often in temporary water bodies and streams.  Large sticky pads on their toes make them excellent climbers and allow them to find the best possible hiding spots. 


Zeus ~ Black Headed Python

Our largest python, measuring in at over 2 metres long.  His calm nature makes him a crowd favourite, as he loves snuggling up for cuddles and photo opportunities.  

Black headed pythons are native to the northern regions of Australia in open scrub and arid bushland.  A very placid snake, they are far more likely to head butt, than strike with an open mouth. Look out if you are another snake, as reptiles often feature on their menu!


Ulah ~ Green Tree Python

Ulah is one of the most beautiful looking snakes you are ever likely to see.  Hatchlings are often yellow or orange, and change colour to a vibrant emerald green as they mature.  Ulah is a snake you can watch for hours, especially during the evening when he gets into his predatory mode, by coiling around a branch and wiggling his fine, delicate tail in the hope that something yummy might wander past!

These pythons are native to far north Queensland and Papua New Guinea.  They spend most of their time coiled in trees and are Australia’s most arboreal python.  They are non-venomous and visually stunning!

Frilly website.jpg

Harvey ~ Frill Necked Lizard

One of the latest additions to the Reptile Adventures family, Harvey has stolen our hearts.  Displaying his tiny frill on occasion is always entertaining to watch.  He loves to climb and has a fierce appetite when it comes to crickets and mealworms.

Frilly’s are an absolutely spectacular lizard, not often seen in the wild because of their ability to camouflage so well in trees.  As they mature their red, gold or orange colouration starts to appear.  On a mature lizard, the frill can reach up to 300mm in diameter!


Diamond ~ Macquarie Turtle

Diamond is a short necked Macquarie River Turtle. A little shy at first, it doesn’t take her long to warm to a crowd.  She can be a little clumsy on land, but you’ll be amazed at how fast she can run!  She is ever so graceful in the water as she glides throughout her outdoor pond living in harmony with various species of fish.

These turtles are found in deeper areas of the Murray River. They prefer still water as opposed to flowing areas and will bask to increase their body temperature.  When fully grown, their carapace can be anywhere in the range of 180-300mm and they can live for more than 50 years!


Spike ~ Gidgee Skink

Spike is a shy species of spiny tailed skink who spends much of his time in a hollow log.  Once inside, his spiky, keeled scales make him almost impossible to dislodge until he is ready.  If threatened, these lizards will inhale air, inflate their bodies and hiss in order to protect themselves.  Spikes short, stumpy legs mean that he has to drag his belly whilst running.

Gidgee skinks are often found living in social communities throughout more arid parts of Australia.


Tarzan ~ Jungle Python

Tarzan is a type of carpet python with an absolutely stunning yellow and black colouration, which is especially vibrant just after he has shed.  He enjoys spending time in an outdoor enclosure where he can coil on a branch, basking in the sun.

Found mainly in tropical forest habitats, they are predominantly arboreal snakes, most active in the evening. Like all carpet snakes, they are fantastic to have around, for their ability to keep rodent populations under control.  


Spaghetti ~ Water Dragon

Spaghetti is a bold Eastern Water Dragon who loves to leap out of his enclosure as soon as the door is open.  He likes to explore the house, as well as outdoor enclosures where he basks in the sun watching birds and butterflies fly past.  His gorgeous red belly compliments the black nuchal crest (row of spikes from the base of the head which continue down the spine).

These semi-aquatic lizards are strong climbers, extremely fast on foot, and able to stay submerged for long periods when hiding from predators.  Often found near creeks, dams and waterways, they have adapted to the continual presence of humans in their environment. 


Sunny ~ Albino Darwin Carpet Python

Sunny is a gorgeous albino python who has the silkiest of scales.  Once you start patting her, it can be very hard to stop. She loves to explore new surroundings and feel various textures on her belly.

These nocturnal snakes usually spend their days hidden amongst the trees or inside hollow logs, saving their energy for the evenings where they hunt a variety of small mammals, fruit bats and birds.

dreamstimelarge_189271668 copy.jpg

Norbert ~ Red Eyed Tree Frog

Norbert is one of the most beautiful little tree frogs you will ever lay eyes on.  And you'll certainly notice his bright red eyes the moment you see him.  Being a tree frog, he has bright green colouring with a yellow belly and cute little webbed feet.  Norbert is small at the moment, however, he has a big croak which he likes to exercise, especially during a storm. 

Found in warm, wet tropical climates on the East Coast regions of Australia. These frogs are nocturnal and will usually remain well hidden during the day, before venturing out at dusk.

dreamstimelarge_16396376 copy.jpg

Wednesday ~ Woma Python

Wednesday is one of the most gentle snakes you will ever meet.  She is very distinct with her brown bands of colouring which blend into her orange neck and head.

Woma Pythons are found in sandy regions in Western and Central Australia, and contribute to the environment by helping to control the rodent population. Woma Pythons have been known to be bitten by some of our most venomous snakes and live to tell the tale.

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